Get back IN CONTROL with the IN CONTROL e-learning program with 1 on 1 online coaching!

  • Do you suffer from work related stress? No peace of mind? And do you forget tasks because of this?
  • Do you work structurally too hard and make your days far too long?
  • Do you forget appointments or certain activities? Do you have no overview?
  • Do you have the feeling that you are constantly catch up facts and that you are swayed by the issues of the day?
  • Don’t you achieve your goals or not fast enough? Or have too little time to work on certain projects?
  • And do you want to change that?

Blended learning with the IN CONTROL program

You follow the 8 modules at your own time and pace with over 160 short and clear videos and assignments. You can immediately put into practice the things you learned and create more overview and structure from the very first moment.
During the 1-on-1 coaching sessions that take place online, you can ask questions about the things you are struggling with. This is very valuable; the program is tailored to your situation.

Start working smarter, prevent work pressure and work related stress and save a lot of time. The program will give you overview, structure and more peace in your head. You are IN CONTROL again. You are no longer swayed by the issues of the day or your inbox.  Have an overview of your inbox and never forget tasks, appointments. Learn to focus on the most important tasks and reach your goals in a smarter way.


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    Do you also want to be IN CONTROL again and reach your goals faster and in a smarter way?

    • Save hours of time every day that you can then use differently (for sales and marketing)
    • Stop letting yourself be led by the issues of the day (and your inbox)
    • Regaining grip and overview of your tasks and activities
    • Get more peace of mind
    • No work-related stress
    • Carry out your work smartly and achieve goals without working too hard
    • And do you want the same (if you have them) for your employees?

    Thats possible!

    With the IN CONTROL online program, you go through all relevant steps to be much more successful in your work. How do you keep an overview, meet your deadlines, keep your mind calm, achieve your goals and keep your colleagues and customers happy?
    You follow the e-learning program when it suits you. It only takes 10 minutes of your time a day or one hour a week.

    What if you continue working like this?

    If you go on too long like this. What would be the consequences? You are probably working too hard and too long now.

    • Work-related stress, absenteeism or even burn-out. Still occupational disease #1! Do you know what a day of absenteeism costs? €250 per day. And a burn-out? On average about €80,000 on a yearly basis.
    • The chance of mistakes and therefore dissatisfied customers/colleagues increases. And that can also be very costly.
    • Not achieving your goals. If you do what you did, you get what you got, according to Albert Einstein. So take action. Better safe than sorry.

    The solution for you; the IN CONTROL e-learning programme with online 1 on 1 coaching.

    Fortunately, with the IN CONTROL program you can regain control of your day, your tasks and your goals. You will get structure and overview again, peace in your head and tools to set your goals smartly and achieve them. And, of course, you will save lots of time. Of course, you have to do something. Invest some time and energy.  An hour a week or 10 minutes a day to benefit the most form the program.

    Experiences of previous participants Beoordeling cursus Outlook-Slimmer werken met Outlook

    The IN CONTROL programme was launched in May 2019. Since then, participants have followed the programme. Below are some participants who have followed the online version. More experiences.

    I enrolled for the IN Control Program and found it extremely helpful. A big thank you for making things clearer and for all the wonderful tips. The contents of the program have been thoughtfully designed by Eva to provide enough guidance on learning new methods and putting things into practice. I particularly liked the Free Your Mind, Save Time and Money and The Smarter Way to Say No Modules. The program offers one year access to refresh. 9/10 Thank You

    Amit Allway Business Developer | Finance - Risk Business GRID bij ABN AMRO (deelnemer IN CONTROL program (English version online), (jan 2023 - mei 2023, cijfer 9)

    With the IN CONTROL program, my goal was to get more grip on my life by setting goals and making choices, as well as to have more structure and regularity in my life. As an important part of this, I wanted to learn to use Outlook more efficiently. To start with the latter: I certainly succeeded. The range of modules is large and you can pick out what appeals to you. Participating in this programme definitely requires some self-discipline, but if you plan space for it in your diary every day, you will definitely benefit from it. Although I have not yet completed all the modules, I dare say that participating in this program has been successful for me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to work more efficiently. The personal sessions are useful and Eva takes her time for all your questions and remarks. I rate this programme with a score of 8.5!

    René Benedictus, Service manager at KPN (participant IN CONTROL online; nov 2021, rating 8,5)

    Recently, I followed the IN CONTROL program. I learned a lot from the many clear videos and personal guidance that were included, especially about mindfulness, time management and dealing with Outlook. I have already implemented a number of things and it is an ongoing process. For me, it contained a lot of really useful tips. I found the personal coaching very good and another positive aspect is that I can still watch the videos throughout the year as a reference (am I still on the right track). In short, very satisfied with it.

    Bert Scheepers, Delivery Analyst, Rabobank (participant IN CONTROL program online, april 2021, rating 8,5)

    I came across this training when I was in the middle of a chaotic work environment with stress, emergencies and lots of e-mails. After our first coaching session and watching the first videos, I started to change my behaviour and my work became a bit more manageable. Now, after 2.5 months, I can say that I can do my work with overview and pleasure. I regularly watch the videos again and each time I discover something new to apply. It was a good investment.

    Evelien de Boer, Advisor Wmo at Professional Partners (participant IN CONTROL program online; dec 2020)

    My name is Michele Willems. I followed the e-Learning IN CONTROL and my coach online was Eva Rietbroek.
    I work at Aruba’s telecommunications company, SETAR N.V.

    During all the lessons and during this difficult period of COVID 19, Eva had a lot of patience and still maintained good communication with me.
    I wanted to improve my skills in the area of working smarter and I certainly succeeded.

    The videos have given me a lot of information that I can now apply in my business and private life.
    Eva was a great coach who taught me a lot.
    I will also bring the training to the attention of my colleagues, because I found it very nice and valuable.

    Thank you Eva, I found the online ZOOM sessions very valuable and pleasant. And don’t hesitate to visit us in ARUBA.

    Michele Willems, Customer Service representative, Setar, Aruba, (participant IN CONTROL program june 2020) grade 10

    What do you get?

    • An one on one intake (online, via Teams or Zoom)
    • Access to the online environment with eight modules with over 160 videos, checklists and assignments that you can view at your own pace
    • 8 hours of videos with smart tips & tricks
    • Four times 30 to 45 minutes of personal coaching (online, via Teams or Zoom).
    • The EEVVAA method (the pdf and the videos)

    What you learn during this program? Among other things:

    • How to experience peace in your head and no chaos
    • Dealing smartly with your ideal customers and your ideal products
    • Achieving your goals  with less effort
    • My own method; the EEVVAA method with which you can tackle all goals, tasks and problems in a structured way
    • The 35+ smartest ways to save time fast and save you at least 1 hour a day (that’s €12,000 a year converted to euros!). And this is really if you don’t do your upmost and implement the minimum. If you really get going with all the tips, it can save you hours of time every day!
    • 7 steps to handle your mail and other things in a structured way (and never forget anything) (you will also save a lot of time here)
    • How to structure your tasks and activities so that you have permanent insight
    • Saying no, communicating effectively and delegating
    • Preparing, planning, organising & prioritising
    • 7 ways to prevent procrastination
    • And much more.

    The investment pays for itself within a month.

    The costs are only €1447. (excl. VAT). And you will earn back that investment in just under 1,5 month because you will immediately start saving time (and therefore money). By saving time, but also by reducing work pressure, preventing work related stress and costs for absenteeism. Invest in yourself (and your employees). You are worth it!  

    When it suits you & with online 1-on-1 coaching.

    You are busy, I know that. So a whole day’s training or even several days is not practical for you. But in itself, the personal feedback on your specific “problems” is of course very valuable. 

    THEREFORE…this program offers the best of both worlds. You can follow the program online when it suits you and at your own pace (I will make sure you stay in action, no procrastinating) AND we can schedule four 1-on-1 online coaching sessions of 30-45 minutes.

    In no time you will have order and structure again. Peace in your head and time left to focus on what is important to you and your clients!

    Smart modules & videos & checklists

    The IN CONTROL online programme consists of seven modules. These consist of various short videos, assignments, checklists, smart schemes
    Module 1: Free your mind: how to get peace in your head
    Module 2: Client focus: put the client first and how do you deal cleverly with your ideal clients
    Module 3: Set your goals: about setting smart goals
    Module 4: Save time and money (time management): everything that has to do with dealing with your time in a smart way is discussed here (such as procrastination, motivation, planning and organising, setting boundaries, saying no, setting priorities, etc.)
    Module 5: Work smarter with Outlook: how to deal smartly with your daily dose of e-mails and other tasks that come in one day. You will learn, among other things, how to scan your messages quickly and only once, how to keep your inbox empty and much more.
    Module 6: Smart meetings: how to handle all meetings in a smart way
    Module 7: Smart apps:
    Module 8: The smarter way to say no 

    The training is built according to the EEVVAA method; a super smart and easy method to reach goals and solve problems. The videos of the EEVVAA method and the pdf with all the information will also be available!